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"One of the best things about travel is coming home again. Different time zones, different accents. Going overseas is nice and all, but one of the best things about travel is coming home again. Maybe you notice things you hadn't seen before. Maybe unfamiliar. Or maybe joyously recognisable. Fresh views and new ideas."
-Jo and Lara from Frankie magazine
To some certain extent, I agree with these words. And yet, I want to be a traveling nomad of the world. I want to make a few countries my home. I just took a holiday in Australia and I miss Australia. I really wish I were still there. But it's also good to be home again, to have a place to go back to. Right now, it's a comforting feeling of home as I look out my window, the setting sun reassuringly reflects off the lake from a distance.
As far as fresh views and new ideas go, I have arrived home as a new and changed person. Australia has opened up a few passions, discovered doors and new love for saving the world. (You'll see, Australia tour pictures coming soon.) For now, I've got my Aussie mags (Yen and Transfer Snowboard), Frankie included, Tim Tams and Milo keeping me happy, right at home.


everyday happiness

Look for the happiness already around you or without having to go very far to find it.
Five things that really make me happy.
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1. Making my bed.
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2. Getting ready to play my guitar with the amp on.
Life is better when amplified.
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3. Reading a book.
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4. Eating froyo. I just had some for breakfast.

5. Going for a walk/jog in the park.