On my playlist: Frankmusik

Vincent Frank, also known as Frankmusik is a British electro hit artist. Many sources, including Frankmusik himself has compared his music to Calvin Harris. One of the reasons might be the fact that they're both from the UK and categorized under the same genre(s): electronic, electropop, etc. Frankly, Frankmusik deserves more credit than critics claim. Frankmusik writes bubbly, fun-filled, electrofying 80's pop ballads. He recreates a modern sound of 80's music and uniquely amplifies his own style of synthesized heart-beats. Go to Frankmusik's website and watch FrankTV. There's a live video of him singing and playing the piano. His voice is unbelievably striking and there's no doubt he's a gifted pianist. So maybe I do have a tiny crush on Frankmusik, but after you hear his music you might agree with me, swoon. So give it a go and listen to Frankmusik!

Listen to: "Confusion Girl," "Three Little Words," and "Better Off As 2"
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Featured Photo in Schmap's Sydney Guide

Over the summer, I went to Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia. I posted pictures on flickr and this photo was chosen to be featured on Schmap Sydney Ninth Edition. So excited! Thought I would share.
a koala sleeping
See photo here.


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Breathe In + Breathe Out

I've got a million things on my to-do list this weekend!
Trying not to panic as I have a midterm exam, bio quiz, shopping and packing for my trip to China in exactly ONE WEEK! It's insane. A lot of things to do. More adventures to come. Much excitement.