::thoughts lost in Manhattan, NY

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Both old and modern buildings reflect my own perspective of the past and future. It's an awe full of wonder how manmade creations allow you to think of and marvel the history of places you see. All of this [physical structures] happens externally, internally affects you, your history and memories. At first, from a passive thought of the influences of architecture, it all sounds simple. When really, and actually, it's complex. I can't even fully describe or comprehend all my feelings when taking in appreciation I have for architecture. Architecture that makes you wonder and go beyond your own understanding. Some things you can't learn from books. Sometimes it's experiencing reality and going to places where you finally understand and learn the answers.


Music is life. Encouraging thoughts. Brooke Fraser.

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Yesterday, I read Brooke Fraser's blog. It changed my life and I'm not even exaggerating. Here is where I begin...

Two years ago, I went to Vanessa Carlton's concert in Seattle. Afterwards, I was determined to become a musician and accomplished artist. Everyday I would write down lyrics and even wrote a few songs on the piano and guitar. They weren't amazing or anything, but I always found inspiration and it was something I enjoyed. I made a transition between pop to electronica. Two completely different genres and yet, I was proud of myself for the goals I set and what I had accomplished from my experience in song writing.

I don't know what happened, but I stopped writing before my first semester of college and forgot about my passion of becoming a musician. Until today, I started writing songs again. Reading Brooke Fraser's blog has encouraged me to start where I left off.

Everyday I go to school and learn about life. It's actually quite fascinating, even though biology is a challenging subject. What I read is exactly what I've learned in biology. Every organism is a processor, what goes in is different than what comes out. It sounds like a silly concept, but it really isn't. There are many ways to go about thinking of processors. The work and efforts we put into whatever we're doing makes a huge difference in the end, cause and effect. It's all about hard work. After reading about Leonard Cohen and Charles Wesley, I was shocked and amazed. Nothing is ever random. Even the most seemingly simple things do not come about by chance. Life and art are emergent properties. And at all the same time, complex in every way. Even the greatest musicians of all time didn't create their music with magic. We would all like to take short cuts and easy ways around everything. Even creating art, we would like things to work instantly. I always look at people, friends around me that seem brilliant and born with talent. In biology I've learned that nobody, naturally has a talent unless they work for it. It's incredible how much work musicians have put into their songs. This is all evidence that music and life itself isn't a coincidence and didn't happen by chance.

The part where I read about "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen was more than just shock. I have heard the cover by Jeff Buckley many times and it is one of my favourite songs. The fact alone that there were 80 different verses until the final product of the song, is more than I could imagine. I've sang along to the lyrics and never knew how much history and energy was built in those words. It's unreal and simply amazing when you think about all of this.

Artists everywhere have put in so much of their time and hard work into what they do. In the end, every bit is worth it. Reading these blog entries have given me so much hope. Today I started writing music again. I've realized that I can do anything in life. I can accomplish anything if I put in all my hard work. So even if I never do become that musician I've always wanted to be, at least I can say I've become a better person and artist altogether. Whatever it may be that I do in the future, I know that I can overcome all things with honest efforts and hard work. For now, I'll continue carrying my thoughts, learning about life and different people, finding my inspiration, writing and doing things I love.

For some real hope and inspiration, read these blog entries. These are words of encouraging advice from one of the most humbling, heartfelt artists.

Song Writing Series Part 1


::a list of Happiness

1. Taking holidays & escaping off to far and distant lands
2. Listening to music with the cutest lyrics
3. Words that sound lovely: architecture, Vienna, Berlin, etc.
4. Phone calls and face to face conversations with friends
5. Hugs (one word says it all)
6. Photography and shooting away so carelessly, but full of inspiration
7. Learning something new: life: biology
8. Watching movies on the silver screen (at the theatres)
9. Being a complete nerd
10. Reading books non-stop until the story ends
11. The colours in the sky at sunset
12. Embarrassing things I do &/or say (I laugh after...)
13. Lost in meaningful & contemplating thoughts
14. Writing out lists of things I love, even to-do lists
15. Organizing and cleaning the house (when I have the time)
16. Daydreaming about the one person you really like
17. Skirts, dresses, headbands & tights
18. Visiting museums
19. Telling stories & listening to all kinds of stories from people
20. Those days where you appreciate everything in life
21. The yummy sandwiches I have for lunch (made by my mom)
22. Getting excited for the weekend
23. Fonts & personal handwritings, especially fond of Helvetica
24. Land & cityscapes
25. Sightseeing & discovering new things
26. Understanding difficult concepts that are hard to grasp
27. Everything & anything painted in colours
28. Going to lively parties
29. Nightlife: the lights: clubbing: bars: sipping on mocktails
30. People who make my days better just by laughing with me


City of Black and White

Something to listen to: Mat Kearney

The first time I listened to City of Black and White was on the four hour bus ride to a friend's graduation in Portsmouth, England. I fell in love right away. These past few days I've been listening to Mat Kearney, non-stop in my car. I fell in love again. I've always been a fan of Mat Kearney and City of Black and White is probably my favourite album of his. The lyrics make perfect sense; he has a gorgeous voice and band. I can't get enough of him.

"'Cause I don't want to wait until tomorrow
To tell you how I feel the rest of my life
Maybe it was you who opened my eyes
City of black and white"
-Mat Kearney



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How adorable are stripes?!
Love them, especially
the black and white striped dress.


fall is here, back to school...i can tell that we are going to be friends

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Classes: American Government, Biology, Digital Photography, Sociology

So far, fall semester has been less stressful than last spring semester. I have one of the best possible schedules and so I'm not complaining.

I thought I would never be ready for school to start again. The truth is, I am never ready. But I guess I have to be ready again...to learn and gain knowledge. And to be aware of the world in one sense.

Walking through campus everyday is quite a thrilling experience. Just to throw this out there (and this is indeed a true story), I almost got hit square on with a golf cart today. See what I mean? Thrilling. Despite the heat, I enjoy my walks through campus when I'm not running late. I see my friends almost everyday and enjoy the people scenery.

My favourite class is biology and only because I find it fascinating. I'm learning to embrace the confusion of it all. Did you know the Earth is fat? Oh, yes. All my professors are fairly pleasant and I'm not too busy...yet.

Here's to positive enthusiasm for fall semester!

Ready for the Weekend!

Available on US iTunes. OUT NOW!

Calvin Harris, the King of Electro who produced I Created Disco has released his sophomore album, Ready for the Weekend. For those who have always been a fan of Calvin Harris, his new album is a raveful and addicting music sensation. Harris takes his electro sounds to another dimension, which he likes to call "stadium dance." Ready for the Weekend is filled with happy dance beats for our favourite days of the week, the weekends. The lyrics are phenomenal, hilarious and witty. Hands up to what I call the best album of 2009.

{I am obsessed with Calvin Harris and his new album. I would marry him in a heartbeat}

Songs to Listen To (a list of my favourites in this order):

I'm Not Alone
Ready for the Weekend
The Rain
Stars Come Out
Yeah Yeah Yeah La La La
Dance Wiv Me (Feat. Calvin Harris & Chrome)-Dizzee Rascal
Worst Day (Feat. Izza Kizza)
You Used to Hold Me
Burns Night