we are okay, we are alright, we sing very loud.

images taken in London (July 2009)
For these next few days, I will try to keep telling myself jiayou. One explanation: finals. Four of them, too. On a happier note, I've started to think of happy things amidst study overload. Now the countdown to seven days starts. I am bursting with excitement. Because in exactly one week, I will be getting my invisalign off. Plus, I'm heading to Shanghai for the World Expo. Hurray! And now I've decided to write a wanderlist (similar to Sending Postcards)/wanderlust for all the things I will do one day and...after finals.
1. Compete in a snowboarding competition and/or learn to ride the half pipe.
2. Live in Australia and New Zealand at one point in my life.
3. Live in Hong Kong at one point in my life.
4. Learn to windsurf and start surfing again.
5. Visit Antarctica.
6. Experience an actual safari.
7. See Tibet.
8. Teach English in Asia.
9. Overcome snorkeling fears, explore the Great Barrier Reef.
10. Drive on the right side of the road in a country side.
11. Sing in the London Underground Tube for all the passerby.
12. Attend an art school/program for one summer.
13. Study abroad somewhere.
14. Rock and dance out at Coachella.
15. Brave a rain forest in the southern hemisphere.
16. Attempt long boarding.
17. Star gaze at the Sundance Film Festival.
18. Visit all the must see museums of the world.
19. Ride a horse. (I don't know how I've missed this. I've rode a donkey though)
20. Learn more about Darwin, evolution and go to Galapagos Island.
And more...


why yes, I do remember those days

This put a smile on my face. All I can say is...brilliant. I want to make a video like this one day.


this week, I've fallen in love with many oceans

image captured in Kona (May 2009)
I've always loved the ocean. The sand, crashing of waves and a sparkling spectrum of blue. The ocean fascinates me in many ways and never looks the same. The ocean has a personality of its own; from low to high tide, calm waters to calamities of destruction, benefitting or working against a surfer's dream of perfect waves. There's magical sea creatures who live in the waters and coral reefs, which paint another spectrum of vivid hues. There's life at the ocean. Spending summers at the beach are moments I live for.
Summer is less than two weeks away. J has introduced me to 'Ocean' by John Butler Trio. I think my life has been changed. It's now one of my all time favourite songs. There's many versions of 'Ocean' by John Butler Trio and all of them are on the soundtrack to my life record. I've even made a playlist for the two 'Ocean's by John Butler Trio, including 'Ocean' by Barefoot and a few other inspiring songs. I just can't get enough of all the oceans.
Not knowing where it ends or if it keeps on going
An entire world beneath my body as I float
This is my paradise
This is all I really need
And I can't live without this feeling
Of the ocean around me
-The Ocean, Barefoot
Listen here.

there's a first time for everything

image via flickr
It's been a year since I've literally been 'Undecided' about my major. I don't really know how this came about, but as of today, I'm now a biology major. It's still daunting and nerve-racking. I've been wanting to do something with both
art and science and recently, I found out about medical illustration. So now I'm going for it.


explore your own city

Still Olympic dreaming...
Main St. The place I'd like to hang out.
I already love the posties, but I love this one more.

Street art by mysterious Banksy during the Sundance Film Festival
All too often, I'm a tourist in other cities. I'll know my way around London or Paris and yet, I get lost in the streets of my own hometown. It's funny the way that happens. When I'm with friends, I become a tourist in my own city. I call Z my personal tour guide because he happens to know where everything is and the names of all the nearby places. Today, my family took a little road trip up to Park City or PC (as one of my snowboard idols, Louie Vito says it). The day was perfect and I got lost in new and familiar places. Weird to say the least, I have never visited one of the Olympic sites. I have never ever gone to Main St. either. First time in all nineteen years. How have I missed this place? Park City is a winning town of it's own. I am definitely going to explore all the places where I am now. Here. This summer or maybe even sooner, I am planning more exploring of local things to do. I am going to be more of a tourist in my own city. I am going to love my city even more.

Wannabe Polaroid Series: Springtime!

The little green buds have made me really excited.

Word! The wisdom in the trees.

Image via Keep Calm
A word of advice I always want to remember. Be yourself. Love who you are.
This statement couldn't be any truer, especially as a collector of many matryoshka dolls. For me, this gives matryoshka dolls a deeper meaning of remember who you are and that beauty is from within.


fashion is in the sky

Video courtesy of Lin & Jirsa Photography
While I was in Los Angeles for a weekend, my friend did a little photo shoot for me. He does weddings and all sorts of gorgeous shoots. I'm a fan of his work and you should go check out his website. Just received this in the mail today! I am in love with this video and slightly embarrassed; but mostly love this!


a colour theory

images via Random Got Beautiful

I heart colours and spring certainly makes me feel this way.
Mustard pea coats. Orange brick houses. Red orange grapefruits. Turquoise cardigans. Yellow lemons. Red doors. Fruit roll up blue ocean. Faded blue jeans. Painted tangerine orange walls. Cherry blossom pink. Red lipstick. Soft lavender. Lime green kiwi. Red balloons. Pink chalk. Golden daffodils. Fire engine red. Royal blue. Emerald sparkles. Wild orange mums. Bubble gum pink.