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the countdown

(I meant to post this a long time ago. More like last month.)



Image via Aaron Gillett

Well, this is a relief to know and I couldn't agree more.


are you experienced?

There is so much truth in these words.


a note for one of those days

...because today was one of those days.


twenty years is here

It's done! To be completely honest, this is not my proudest work, but I learned a lot about film making and made new friends along the way.


vimeo film festival 2012

a few of my favourite films...

Advertising Animation


twenty years

{pictures taken by my mom}

Last Saturday, over Easter weekend, I directed my first film for real this time! I had actors and a crew consisting of a DP, boom operator, sound, slate, lighting and script and continuity. The title of my one scene is '20 Years'. The idea behind this film was inspired by the song, '20 Years' by The Civil Wars and other kind of real life events. I have learned how hard it is to make movies. I have so much more respect for independent film makers. It's only now that I understand that film makers really do pour their heart, soul and all their strength into making a film. I have learned to be gutsy when you work for yourself and so much more.

since exactly two weeks ago, i met siri & took lots of pictures

From left to right: inspired by New Girl (love Zooey Deschanel), everything tastes better in a glass bottle, finally! We have Cadbury! These purple eggs remind me of Prague, sneaky photo of a bunny, I have an obsession with LunaBerry!, creative poster in the art building, inspired by Ingrid Michaelson and I can't get enough of Anthropologie, Rilakkuma!, it's almost like I'm in Paris again with macaroons and Orangina, bird watching and being stuck in Sugar House traffic, visiting the ancestors, Yogurt Stop is pretty good, too, buying props for my film, bouncy balls in the middle of water bottles (I would have loved that when I was younger).

the creative act is a process. not a moment.


{art portfolio from fall semester 2011}

I've learned that sometimes, being brave means being yourself, loving art and loving the art you make.
I'm also learning that my favourite kind of medium is film, after music, then web design, illustration, the art of books, doodling, dance and the list goes on. I am always drawn toward design and light. I am most creative when I'm not consciously thinking of what-if mistakes. It's when I just do. And now, I am realizing that this is what I want to do. Maybe it's what I was meant to do. Do do do do do. But it's now that I see. I like to write. I like music a lot. I like my ideas that turn into things. And now, I really need to go follow all that my heart speaks, take the roads less taken and believe that dreams mean something.

two days in los angeles

{photos taken in March 2012}

Elliott Smith. The Grove. Wedding at the Kyoto Grand Hotel (best wedding music, ever.)

under the osaka sun

{photos taken in March 2012}
Osaka. Nara. Kyoto.
Now that the cherry blossoms are here, 
another home is calling me
and I miss Japan.


some infinities are bigger than other infinities

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

William Carlos Williams, The Red Wheelbarrow

I just finished The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. 
Full of weeps and laughter.
The words on the pages heal hearts through a form of written art.

I want to live fearlessly.
Write and keep writing.
Find true love.

"My thoughts are stars I can't fathom into constellations"
John Green, The Fault in Our Stars


dare to be brave

Illustration by Marc Johns

I want to be like this spherical bear in many ways. 
I want to be a musician. 
I want to be an artist validated by works at a museum. 
I want to be a writer.
I want to be a world traveler for the rest of my life.
I want to be a film maker. 
There's so much I want to become and everyday, I'm living a struggle in the becoming.
I want to live life to the fullest and in order to do so,
I want to be brave and unafraid to follow and accomplish my dreams.

do more of what makes you happy!

Because sometimes, we need a little reminder. Or at least I do.


in the stacks of february

abstraction, n.
It's not as if I can conjure you there completely. I must embrace the idea of you instead. 

akin, adj.
In the long view, did it matter that we shared this? Did it matter that we both happened to go to Barcelona the summer after our senior year? In the long view, was it such revelation that we were both ticklish and that we both liked dogs more than cats? Really, weren't these facts just placeholders until the long view could truly assert itself?
We were painted by numbers, starting with the greens. Because that happened to be our favorite color. And this, we figured had to mean something.

aloof, adj.
It has always been my habit to ask that question:
"What are you thinking?"
I keep on asking, even though I know it will never work the way I want it to.

community, n. 
I'd want to say, "Don't I know you from somewhere?" But ultimately I wouldn't say a word. I wasn't sure I wanted them to be real.

epilogue, n.
You ask me what I'm writing.
"You'll see," I say. "I promise."
These words are now mine, but soon they'll be ours.

flux, n. 
The natural state. Our moods change. Our lives change. Our feelings for each other change. Our bearings change. The song changes. The air changes. The temperature of the shower changes.
Accept this. We must accept this.

motif, n. 
You don't love me as much as I love you. 

{all words by David Levithan, The Lover's Dictionary}



deux jours à Paris

Notre Dame | Pompidou