winter is here

{photo taken in winter 2009}
There's something about winter I really love. Snow, snowfall, snow in the valley and mountains and snowboarding. An eminent sparkling winter wonderland appears again with the winter air. I'm bundled up in layers, looking like a marshmallow, while marshmallows melt in my hot chocolate. At home, I'm in my thermals and fleece pajamas. Going out to conquer a blizzard, I snowshoe wearing my boots, sometimes worn with neon tights and warm leggings. Sitting by a fire or at least pretending to with the heat blasted up, I listen to winter songs. And then I'm off again, frolicking in the snow.


on the road (like jack kerouac)

{The view from my window in the studio.}
I just wrote a song from my soul, one of my best songs yet involving fingerstyle guitar, open tuning and stomping. The untitled work in-the-making still needs lyrics, reverb, chorus and other effects. In all, I lurve this feeling of creating and this one small step towards an album.
Song influenced by: Led Zeppelin, John Butler, Elliott Smith, oldies and classic rock.


prelude to (thanks)giving

things i'm thankful for
image via Laura Berger

Life is full of the unexpected and more complicated than I thought.
Yet despite everything, I'm still grateful for all the little and big things.
Family, friends, good health, to be alive, an education and music.

Everything was made to be.


into the ocean {coming soon}

I've been searching, trying to find inspiration to write songs. And...I think I'm close to finishing a song! I have the lyrics, chords for the verse and the backbone of the song. Now I need instrumental accompaniments, a keyboard and drums.
I can't wait for how the rest is going to sound. Je suis très heureux!
Inspired by summers at the beach from the islands of Hawaii to the other side of the world in Australia and New Zealand.

Song influenced by: Jack Johnson, Donovan Frankenreiter, Mumford & Sons, Brooke Fraser, Noah and the Whale and Beirut.


future album cover

Inspiration at 2 am. Photos from back in May.
Elliott Smith. Writing songs. J. Australia.
Twilight Concert Series. Chromeo.


as of lately...(pt. 2)

I have my own music studio to play in! Starlet red lipstick is a sure traffic stopper. Fall weather. Beginning to love the band, Beirut. Love Boy + Bear. Happy distractions. J.D.R. Driving to Sugarhouse and having a front row seat of life. Doing things I would usually never do or say.

it's not even 2011 yet and baby, I've got plans

Bondi Beach (an array of ocean blue)
Moving out of the house, at least for a summer.
Destination: somewhere pretty.