From the Posties

Arrived from the mail:
Lanikai LU-21 series ukulele
a letter from Sister E.
a red pocket sized Moleskine.

Happiness arrived on my doorstep, literally.
I've been non-stop jamming on my uke.
The first song I learned: "You and I" by Ingrid Michaelson.
Now playing: "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" by IZ.
My day couldn't get any better as I listen to the strumming of happy songs.
When I went to the Anthropologie in Seattle, I discovered 1000 Artist Journal Pages, which have been an inspiration to my paintings as of lately. I'm more of a random doodler and experiencing with paints have been lots of fun.
I have yet to reply to Sister E, but reading her letters and blog about Indonesia always makes my day.
List making and music are some of my favourite things. Music Listography is one of the best out of the listography series. I can't wait to fill out the entire book.
And of course, my Moleskine has allowed sparks of creativity to occur.
I love receiving mail and packages from the posties. What would I ever do without them? They've brought me closer to love. Love for music, keeping in touch with a loved one, love for books and love for creating.


Mountains + Snow. This is where I call home.

photo(s) enthusiastically captured on 1.25.10

Happy Finds

While sorting out papers from previous years in school, I stumbled across these little artworks I made. All of this was forgotten before I looked through my art folder. I'm happy I keep these as a reminder of things I've done and learned in school. They remind me of growing up and how I never really want to grow up. And I never stopped having enthusiasm for colours.


Over Winter Break

So this post is a bit long overdue, but here are some pictures from my winter break.
Places visited: Sapporo, Hokkaido (see here for map): Tokyo: Japan.
*Note: click on any of the images for a larger view
Getting there: traveled with my family. Here is where we boarded JAL Airlines, rock star style.
Only in Japan! Left to right: Doraemon all lit up, my mutti with a bigger than life sized Hello Kitty, an animated car in the mall, a pianist entertaining a live audience from the inside of a fancy, Yamaha glass box.
The food was absolute heaven, the best I've ever had. Fruity pie and green tea dessert; they are to die for.
The JR Station isn't one of the biggest attractions in Sapporo. However, we spent most of our time there. Not commuting from place to place, but shopping. It's one of the largest shopping areas you could ever imagine.
And my favourite part about Sapporo...all the snow!
After a day of snowboarding at Kokusai. Sight seeing from the Observation Hill.
Forget those strollers and use a sled! Chilling out in the snow.
Back in Tokyo. Walking through Ueno Park. Decorations on lamp posts throughout Narita hill.
These boys are the hype. On the left: the local paparazzi. Everyone at the subway went picture snap happy at the sight of these it boys.


Around the World

all photos via tumblr
The other day I updated my Where I've Been map. I've been lucky and blessed to have visited 10% of the world. Even though I've traveled to 30 countries, oddly enough I still feel as though I haven't seen or been to many parts of the world. It's a small world and yet, the earth is large and relatively unexplored. There's just so much to see and one day I want to see it all. As I was looking at a world map, I mused over all the places I want to go next. I've made a short wanderlust list which begins with snowboarding in different countries and continues with seeing more of Australia and New Zealand, going on an actual safari, teaching English in Asia, brave a rainforest, Galapagos Island and Tibet. The list goes on and on.
There's many things I love about traveling. I love taking pictures, seeing different sights, experiencing new things, tasting new foods, listening and learning, meeting new people and much more.
Traveling is life speaking to me. If I could, I would be a nomad, seeking the unknown and getting lost in happy places. There's truth in saying it's a wonderful world.
The places I want to go: Antarctica and the rest of the world.


nouvelle année nouveau moi

image via weheartit
Happy New Year! Happy 2010!
Today is a brand new day, the start of a new year and of a new decade. The genesis of adventures to come, mountains to conquer, explorations and hope filled with promises of gold. It's finally here! Hooray!
And I even made a few goals for this upcoming year...
1. Get more sleep.
2. Exercise weekly.
3. Do better in school.
4. Hang out more.
5. Find myself and the good things in life.
6. Continue enthusiasm for learning (in school and in life). Learn new things.
7. Play and expand knowledge in music.
8. Read and write more.
9. Create things (art, film & photography, etc).
10. Get snogged.
I probably should have made more, but I tried to make this list as realistic as I could.

"Hello [2010]! Can you hear me? Now put your hands in the air for the century"
-Calvin Harris