From the Posties

Arrived from the mail:
Lanikai LU-21 series ukulele
a letter from Sister E.
a red pocket sized Moleskine.

Happiness arrived on my doorstep, literally.
I've been non-stop jamming on my uke.
The first song I learned: "You and I" by Ingrid Michaelson.
Now playing: "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" by IZ.
My day couldn't get any better as I listen to the strumming of happy songs.
When I went to the Anthropologie in Seattle, I discovered 1000 Artist Journal Pages, which have been an inspiration to my paintings as of lately. I'm more of a random doodler and experiencing with paints have been lots of fun.
I have yet to reply to Sister E, but reading her letters and blog about Indonesia always makes my day.
List making and music are some of my favourite things. Music Listography is one of the best out of the listography series. I can't wait to fill out the entire book.
And of course, my Moleskine has allowed sparks of creativity to occur.
I love receiving mail and packages from the posties. What would I ever do without them? They've brought me closer to love. Love for music, keeping in touch with a loved one, love for books and love for creating.


Buttercup said...

You're so amazing and creative, I love it! :)

I can't believe you got an uke - so jealous. My favorite version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World is by Israel K. too!! I adore him.

Buttercup said...

Just got your comments:

I feel the EXACT same way. I just want to get out of here and just be invisible and not feel all the drama that comes with knowing everyone. We should drive off to Canada or something. I dunno. hahaha.

Jazz online is actually hard for me to keep up with the vids and reading and stuff. Are you seriously taking Survey of Jazz right this very second? With Clayton? If so, that is so funny that we're taking two classes together that we didn't know about. :P

Hermione said...

Oh, I love them! At first I thought they were from this illustrator who does great stuff for the New York Times. Love them! Keep up the good work. Isn't it great being inspired? Lovely, just lovely!

Elizabeth said...

The first one is great...Greg Laswell is one of my favorites :)

xoxoKrysten said...

These are so amazing. Love the colors, totally creative!

Meg said...

wow these are gorgeous! lucky you :)

muchlove said...

these are amazing! I love receiving mail too :)