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playing pretend

This idea might sound silly and strange, but I want to live here.
Guitar Center


be an explorer

This day has been full of adventures and exploration. I learned about audio recording and almost accidentally tried to play on a signed Colbie Caillat ukulele (read here). I also went to the UMFA for The Smithson Effect. The theme and intended message of the exhibit involves the design of nature and man in the Second Law of Thermodynamics and entropy (I can never remember those laws). This made a little more sense after I read the explanations in a book. Then later in the day, I looked to the sky and I couldn't be more grateful. For what I saw was heavenly blue painted with clouds, a view that should never be taken for granted.


something (missing) in the water

I really should sleep. But I just found out, after being out of the country and coming home that Brooke Fraser will not be performing her show tonight. My heart weeps. I've already told this to Brooke. My Music Tuesday of going to guitar lessons to teaching music lessons and seeing Brooke Fraser with the Cary Brothers is only a dream now. Maybe one day I'll finally see her live. Either way, I still heart this kiwi who keeps inspiring me.


white rabbits on the run

image via weheartit
"For all your broken hearted lovers lost
Go find another one
'Cause you know time will break and you'll be late
White rabbits on the run

And all you'll hear is the music
And beauty stands before you
And love comes back around again
It's a carousel, my friend

It's never too late to change the pace
When days creep up on you
But the goodness is something you don't have to chase
'Cause it's following you

I thought I heard your voice in the thunder
It's the owl casting spells that we're under"
-Vanessa Carlton
I've blogged about this song here as well. Obviously, I can't get enough, especially after listening to this song many times. I'm obsessed. And maybe because this song tells a story of my life. Of how I have liked a certain someone too much and had my own heart broken. While I wonder where love is and whether love is all lost, my soul says I've found a different kind of love. And this love is a whole lot of loving in dreamlike music.



Oh, happy day! Spring Semester 2011 is over. Finally. I've been waiting for this day, for too long now.


summer in my heart

Bryce Canyon from the summer 2006

I have one final left, but it's already summer in my heart. Clearly, I am laid back as ever. This afternoon, I did the dishes and laundry. I also managed to mindlessly watch television, listen to some JJ and Sufjan Stevens. I have always liked Sufjan Stevens, but right now, I like them even more. I jammed for a few hours and put my CS skills to good use. Unproductivity turns into creativity and nothing is ever lost. Daylight from dawn to dusk will soon be here.



the procession to nameless graves
bitter torn marks and fence on the wall
the end of the end
Terezín has changed my life in a way I'll never forget. 38 mi (60 km) from Prague is Terezín, one of the largest Nazi concentration camps during World War II. The stories I've heard have haunted me. I have felt the chills to my bone, which have felt colder than cold. I have heard the cries of men, women and children being stripped from all they ever owned. Silence. Reverence. These people were everyday people I know. Through the eyes of others, I have seen hatred from the past. But what was in the past still exists today. Tolerance has not yet been learned. And as I think about the will to survive, history and humanity, I really do hope there is hope in a brighter future.


Municipal House

discovering Pylones

(observation: people in this frame are evenly spaced)

the man who waved at me from the red, rad ride

Charles Bridge

the view of the city

Prague Castle

down the street...

to the cutest shop I ever did see.

all golden glorious
I went to Prague in March, during spring break. I am really behind in blogging, writing letters and journaling. But I really am trying to catch up. Especially since summer will officially start in four days. Well, I'm counting down the days before I take a few months long break from school.
While jet setting to Prague, I rode a jump seater on Air France. It was quite a different, yet lovely experience on the plane. I was served drinks and food first. Plus, I got to admire le sexy monsieur. In Prague, I literally hiked from our hotel to the Prague Castle and back. I don't know how I made it as it was a few miles. Reality has hit me of how out of shape I am. I have always loved matryoshka dolls, but I have never seen as many in Prague, considering I wasn't in Russia. Throughout the city, I saw posters for a Japan benefit concert, Ennio Morricone, Chick Corea (I saw him live once) and a ballet (Swan Lake, which I saw). I was impressed by how art is a part of Prague's everyday culture. I am grateful for places that make me feel like I belong. Just walking around the city, standing in between hundreds of year old architecture told my heart how much I love Prague and how I long to return soon.