ready for spring

I came back from the fabric store with two floral prints. One of the patterns is colourful and cheerful, while the other is full of sunshine and reminds me of Anthropologie. I am so ready to sew these skirts! Especially with spring around the bend. Sewing and wearing skirts bring me to happiness and makes me want to sing.
"I wear a demeanor made or bright pretty things."
(Brooke Fraser)

bonjour monsieur!

photo via weheartit
Some days, I am unafraid to talk to guys I kind of like and today was one of them. I said hello to the French-inspired Daft Punk guy, which then turned into a series of conversations. We talked of the past, present and future. We have a lot more in common than I imagined. I couldn't help but steal a few stares at him while he was or wasn't looking. Both of us sat across from each other for hours as we dazed blankly in numbers. He was a thoughtful and lovely gentleman and he even thanked me for saying hello to him. I'm glad I daringly said something, rather than nothing at all. For now, I'm dreaming and hoping to run into him more often and maybe a spark of happenstance could possibly occur between us. All I can say is...love.


speak now

The whole idea around Taylor Swift's 'Speak Now' has become a part of my ideology as well. Lately, I've been sitting in rooms full of friends and strangers, all the while thinking I need to speak now. Speak now for yourself, for others and for the world. Because a reality and truth is, not everyone has this opportunity.

i want to be at the Somerset House

I want to be in museums and I want to be in London.


seeking greatness

I couldn't agree more with this quote.


image via Bespoke
I do things on a whim. And lately, I've been on a music, live performance and concert whim. Last weekend, I flew to Hong Kong to see a friend and went to a Taylor Swift concert with her. Next weekend, I will be seeing the legendary Eric Clapton live at the MGM. In May, I'll be seeing Brooke Fraser in my hometown. I am so excited and can't wait! Music is the fire that awakes my heart, the reason I love and live.


I came to a realization that I am right brained.
Here is the home page to the website I'll be working on for the next few weeks. After more than five hours, this is how the design turned out. For the most part, I've edited to how I've envisioned the site to appear. The opacity of the menu buttons is where I'm still defeated, but I'm hoping I can find a way to fix this minor issue. Maybe when I'm done with all these projects, I'll also redesign my blog as well.


from the heart of London

This was a quick one minute edit on Photoshop.
Cherrio my lovely Marks & Spencer + Mumford & Sons. I fancy both of you a lot.


happiness is...

Lately, I've been thinking about happiness and I've realized a few things. I like the way I am. I am doing what I love. Sewing. Being a guide to discovery in music. Chinese New Year is the better version of Christmas. Listening to The Civil Wars. Writing and finding ideas. Chocolate covered strawberries and red velvet cupcakes. Receiving letters from around the world. Blending concoctions. Creating. Sleep. Reading lines and thoughts I laugh about. This is what happiness is to me and I wouldn't have it any other way.


The Canyons

{the MONLA team}
Bluebird and groomers at The Canyons. A gorgeous day in the mountains. My heart longs to return tomorrow for the SBX event featuring Seth Wescott, Lindsey Jacobellis and all the pro snowboarders I look up to. I only wish...


man is hope

A friend wrote this and I just had to quote him. Lovely and poetic.


I created this poster to remind myself of my revolutions. Because I am revolutionary. Sometimes you need these reminders to get you through the day.



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