Post-Its to Love

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Thanks to Mostly Martha, I found these Post-Its that remind us of the little things we should remember in life. These two Post-Its couldn't describe my life better with little victories.

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Graphic Design (Art for LIVING)

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Image via Bespoke Press

I love art and graphic design.
I love different fonts and creativity.
These are tiny little things in life 
I call inspiration and love. 

Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground

I don't even know what day it is anymore. 
Everyday I've been staying up late doing nothing, really.
And waking up late. 
I need to drop the habit. 
They say in the real world, you have to wear shoes. 
Well it's summer, so shoes are optional. 
I like wearing my flip flops! 


SUMMER is HERE! (with memories of Spring Semester)

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chemistry problems

the entire stack of chemistry problems I worked on (plus more in my notebook)
Marriott Library
  College of Architecture (I liked the outside)

Now that grades are in and everything is done, I can finally relax!
Spring Semester burned me out really fast. 
I'm so happy summer exists.

{Things I'll miss from Spring Semester}

 .building and gaining knowledge
.my little hideout in the library
.walking around campus and getting inspired
.Friday traditions
.seeing my buddy Jeremy
  .venturing off to different buildings and touring campus
.the sauna looking, half-lit fine arts auditorium 


from Dubai
from Aruba 
from USA

Ok, so I've said before that I love mail. I can't get enough of it! I've never collected any stamps, but have you looked at the details of your letters and the pretty stamps in the corners? If you haven't, you should look closer because they complete letters and postcards. 


Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Finale (DO NOT read unless you have seen the finale)

{Image from Access Hollywood}

I watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy this morning and felt like crying. I have never ever cried during a movie or show. I feel a deep connection to these characters who I love. I keep thinking of George and Izzie. Alex needs to be thrown out of the hospital! I can't believe how he's treated Izzie after her surgery. Seeing George in that condition makes me want to get all teary. The girl George saved is quite an idiot. She didn't watch where she was walking because she was looking for someone hotter?! George and Izzie both looked beautiful at the end. I want to find out what happens. I don't want George or Izzie to die. At the same time, I hope the writers find some kind of realistic resolution. 
Ok so to the happy moments! One of my favorite quotes: "I love you Cristina Yang!" (Dr. Meredith Grey). 
Dr. Derek Shepherd and Dr. Meredith Grey also had their wedding, writing their vows on a Post-It note. They are adorable! And I would definitely marry McDreamy in a heartbeat. 
I always learn life lessons from Grey's Anatomy. It's true. Whether we work in a hospital or struggle with the demands of work or school, we always seem to be wrapped up in life's chaos. Sometimes we need to stop and realize what's most important in our lives, the people we love. There is a need for telling everyone around you that you love them, no matter how busy or crazy life gets. 
If I could have my life in narration, I would have Dr. Meredith Grey narrate my life! 


An Optimistic Outlook on Life

Image found at Rockstar Diaries

 We all need cheering up and this is exactly what I needed to hear.
Let's all be happy and adjust our attitude to look on the bright side of life. 


Love Story by Taylor Swift (Jon Schmidt Version)

I am in love with this video.
The guy in it is beautiful. 
Justin Gaston, I love you. 
I love the mise en scene and how magical this love story turns out to be. 


The Little Things In Life I Enjoy...

image courtesy of jewelflyt
1. List making
2. the scent of manly men
3. Sleep
4. The sound of rain under an umbrella
5. School coming to an end
6. Notebooks
7. Rainy weather
8. Flowers blooming
9. Unique, neat and artistic handwriting
10. The hope that tomorrow brings.
11. College
12. Clean bed sheets and the scent of laundry detergent.
13. Listening to the Beatles.
14. Spring
15. Trees and flowers (especially cherry blossoms and tulips)
16. Updating my iPod
17. The weekends
18. Ruffles on clothing, especially on dresses
19. Receiving mail
21. Not having school
22. When people write to me
23. Daydreaming
24. Finishing a paper
25. Thick and or/colourful paper
26. Reading a good book
27. Walking down memory lane (moments of nostalgia)
28. Mrs. Robinson 
29. Discussing architecture and looking through architecture books with Z. 
30. Dance parties in the car with the volume up and blasting the bass 

(...to be continued...)


April Showers Bring May Flowers

Pictures I took of the flowers in our yard. 
Happy Spring!

Energy and Sustainability

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Issue: May 2009 

After studying architecture for a semester, I've realized I'm not the biggest fan of Frank Lloyd Wright. If you're reading this and you feel unbelievably insulted or offended, I'm sorry. At least I like Falling Waters! Students of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture designed this dormitory for themselves. I would love to design my own living residential quarters. I really like this colorful architecture that's also focused towards energy and sustainability. I can say that I appreciate this particular building thanks to Frank Lloyd Wright and environment conscientious LEEDs.

Destination: Places in America

Because America shines, yes it does
in between the white lines
where I found love
all alone on a road going nowhere
at full speed.

A. and C. sent me these postcards from Arizona and Florida.
I was so excited when I got these postcards! 
I always look forward to actual mail. 
I've never been to Arizona or Clearwater Beach in Florida.
Both of them look like pretty places to visit.
Thank you A. and C. once again for sending me these postcards
and thinking of me while on vacation. 
They made my day! 
I love you both. 

The Real Edward Cullen is Actually Johnny Durham

So let me tell you about this boy who makes me weak in the knees. 
I found JohnnyDurham19 on YouTube a few years ago.
I fell in love with him ever since. I've never met him. 
But he's absolutely adorable...
He's incredibly talented, a video editor and produces his own show, has a good sense of humor (I always laugh during his shows), a T-shirt graphic designer, a Nerd Fighter (DFTBA!), wears clothing I find attractive on guys, gorgeous, beautiful and lovely in every way.
Love his British accent!
The other day I wrote him an e-mail and he responded immediately the next day. He probably receives many e-mails a day and he wrote back to me! The boy I thought I actually liked doesn't even write back...
I love you Johnny Durham!
What's there not to love about him?
If I ever find that someone, I hope he's a lot like Johnny Durham in many ways.