Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Finale (DO NOT read unless you have seen the finale)

{Image from Access Hollywood}

I watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy this morning and felt like crying. I have never ever cried during a movie or show. I feel a deep connection to these characters who I love. I keep thinking of George and Izzie. Alex needs to be thrown out of the hospital! I can't believe how he's treated Izzie after her surgery. Seeing George in that condition makes me want to get all teary. The girl George saved is quite an idiot. She didn't watch where she was walking because she was looking for someone hotter?! George and Izzie both looked beautiful at the end. I want to find out what happens. I don't want George or Izzie to die. At the same time, I hope the writers find some kind of realistic resolution. 
Ok so to the happy moments! One of my favorite quotes: "I love you Cristina Yang!" (Dr. Meredith Grey). 
Dr. Derek Shepherd and Dr. Meredith Grey also had their wedding, writing their vows on a Post-It note. They are adorable! And I would definitely marry McDreamy in a heartbeat. 
I always learn life lessons from Grey's Anatomy. It's true. Whether we work in a hospital or struggle with the demands of work or school, we always seem to be wrapped up in life's chaos. Sometimes we need to stop and realize what's most important in our lives, the people we love. There is a need for telling everyone around you that you love them, no matter how busy or crazy life gets. 
If I could have my life in narration, I would have Dr. Meredith Grey narrate my life! 

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