"eating is an art of life"
I couldn't agree more myself.
This card came in a box of hand-made cookies from Hong Kong.
So good!


Solve This Riddle

Tom Marvolo Riddle spells I am Lord Voldemort.
At ThisisnotTom.com, there are many riddles, clues, and much to be unraveled.
Can you solve this game?
I have to admit...I cheated with online forums.
Still addicting and fun!

Urban Dictionary: definition for 'Lauren'

I took Johnny Durham's challenge "Urban Dictionary Meme" and looked my name up on Urban Dictionary. You should do the same!

Some of my favourite definitions for 'Lauren'.
A exclamation of pure beauty and wonder
a kid who knows who they are and doesn't change for anyone. they are happy with their life, that's why they always smile and laugh, and make others around them do the same. they are looking for the perfect guyto be included in their life.

a very attractive girl who, though every body wants her, cannot get the guys she wants to date her

champion, legend, the best, can't be beaten, the envy of all.
a girl that everyone wants to be. Usually looks good in just about everything but she doesn't think so. Can act very mature but not afraid to dance in the street.

obviously a usual name for a girl.Laurens may be known for having the best fashion and clothes but they also find the best friends.The majority of Laurens are very smart and relaxed.They can sometimes be known for random acts done by them, but they are more than what they do.Very good friends, very entertaining.Usually very hot and/or sexy.


Embracing Nature

More pictures from hiking. Aren't the outdoors, great?

the prettiest butterfly I ever did see

Thomas and I went hiking yesterday. Usually I don't go hiking, especially on the weekends but I'm glad I did. On our way down from the hike I spotted this lovely butterfly.


Architecture Sketches

I couldn't get myself to write. Instead I finished all my sketches for my final architecture paper on Santiago Calatrava. He's absolutely brilliant. I love his works of art.


A Note to Self

Do not panic. Even if you have 3 chemistry exams plus 30 pages to write. Finals will be over and you can do it! Just a few more weeks and all of this will be over. Happy thoughts! In the mean time, try to sleep more.

Foreign Novelties

{Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore}
I was in the library cafe and wanted some tea. There were boxes of Tazo Tea with a sign above that read "Honey Upon Request." For some reason I thought they had honey tea. When I asked the cashier, she looked confused. There's nothing weird about honey tea. She showed me a bottle of honey. Apparently it was just honey without the tea. The sign was above the tea and I misinterpreted the sign. Obviously, they don't have honey tea in Utah, especially not in the library cafe. I was a little disappointed and settled for green tea. When I was in Narita, Japan I found Yuzu Mitsu, honey mixed with citron, one of my favourite drinks. Shockingly I've realized I'm not in Japan anymore, the place I discovered and fell in love with honey tea.


Blooming Spring

Flowers on a Sunday morning...


j'aime le printemps

Oui! Love is in the air...I love spring and how spring gives you a happy feeling inside. While my photo really has nothing to do with spring, I heart this invitation I received from my friend in Germany. I wish I could understand what it says.

Today I couldn't stop laughing. I had giggle attacks and laughed at everything, even if something was really not funny at all. My day consisted of talking with friends who I dearly love and make me feel better. I love my friends.

Touring President's Circle was quite an adventure. I spotted one attractive guy and felt like spending the rest of the day, boy scouting.

Boy scouting: (vb) in search of a perfect boy/guy/man. Not dressing like a Boy Scout. (haha I just had to make that one clear).

With a curious question about American Apparel's thermochromatic tees, I decided to learn about the chemistry behind these tees. I was blown away by how thermochromatic works. Literally, this shocked me more than learning about the ions in us, which is why electrocution happens. While in the process of finding this information, I came across these chemistry tees which also made me laugh.

I realize that I'm probably the biggest nerd!

+More about what I love about spring!

Favourite trees: cherry blossoms
Colour to wear: daiquiri
Flowers blooming, comfortable weather, grass and school coming to an end! I love it all.


sunshine brings smiles

Today's weather: sunny around 60-70 degrees
I couldn't help but smile and think
life is good!
All this sunshine made me want to 
sing "Holiday from Real" from Jack's Mannequin.

Oh, it's a picture of perfection
Ah, and the postcard's gonna read
&*#! yeah we can live like this...

Everyday would be a holiday from real.