Photos: vending machine, Nagoya Castle, one of the temples at Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto, orange wonder, sake at Meiji-Mura in Inuyama (Frank Lloyd Wright!), fancy traditional Japanese dolls.

Hong Kong

Photos: holiday display, stumbled upon a crustacean, Sham Shui Po, lollipops! (with the notorious Chungking Mansion in behind), top of Sha Tin shopping mall, snowflake.


I liked [...]

Albums Played
1. Kaleidoscope Heart -Sara Bareilles
2. As I Call You Down -Fistful of Mercy
3. Tron: Legacy -Daft Punk
4. Flags -Brooke Fraser
5. Flight of the Crow -Passenger

Movies Watched
1. Toy Story 3 -Disney/Pixar
2. Tron: Legacy -Disney
3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 -Warner Brothers
4. Inception -Warner Brothers
5. Alice in Wonderland -Disney

Inspiring People
1. Emma Watson -actress/model/Brown collegiate
2. Mark Zuckerberg -founder/visionary architect/engineer of facebook
3. JK Rowling -writer/HP/lovely lady
4. Shaun White -pro athlete/Olympian/conquerer of all heights
5. Jason Mraz -musician/fellow blogger/revolutionist

Places Visited
1. Australia: Gold Coast, Brisbane, Cairns, Sydney (Summer 2010)
2. United States: summer home in Hawaii (Summer 2010)
3. Japan: Nagoya, Kyoto (Winter 2010)
4. United Arab of Emirates: Dubai (Fall 2010)
5. United States: road trip to Bridgeport (Fall 2010)



Santa and Mrs. Claus. One of the many fanciful festive displays in Hong Kong.
Merry Christmas!


fall semester 2010

Finals are finally over. Grades are posted. I couldn't be happier as I walked out of WEB into twilight, the fading sun and the lake reflecting behind the city lights. There were goodbyes, words exchanged and heart felt gratitude. I celebrated with friends over dinner and ice cream. Another year, another semester and we made it. A bittersweet ending.


tron: a look into the future

Tron is a world I've envisioned before, where modernism and surrealism build an electro city, illuminated with neon lights. 2001: A Space Odyssey meets Star Wars, pays homage to Back to the Future and introduced to Tron. This is an intense off your seat venture into digital love. I fell in love with Sam Flynn (played by Garrett Hedlund), mesmerized by a second avatar reality and lost for words by Daft Punk, the ingenious electro orchestrator behind the Tron soundtrack.


how the day sounds

I am bursting with energy after laughing non-stop with one of my dearest friends. And after all the sugar (chocolate chip cookie + berried n' chocolate), I am infinitely ten folds happier to no end.

::sidenotes: My heart is in Nantes. We love Charlie!


real art

Three hours of art modeling, restless stillness in a qipao and six artists painting me. I've now lived the definition of art is subjective. There were several other interpretations of me; this painting looks sur(real) and strikingly resembles me in a photograph.