Minutes to Midnight: London is Calling

Well right now, it's almost 12:00 am or 00:00.
It all depends on where you live or your own preference of formatting time.
Time is ticking away. In seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years...
Somehow I saw a vision of time through this window last summer.
It was raining outside and I was in a cafe, just outside of the London Eye.
I saw Dali and the Big Ben together.
Looking back, time stood still, at least for a second when I captured this moment on film. I still remember standing there seeing London. 
I'm inspired by places and moments in time travel.
Today I received an e-mail notifying my photo is featured on 
Delta's Sky Magazine's website for April 2009.
To my great surprise, I do have an artistic talent.
Now when I look at this photo, I miss last summer.
I am nostalgic for those days that seemed absolutely perfect.
And right now, I really wish I could jet set and get away on a plane.
I hope I do win this photo contest.
Submit your photo, too!


mon histoires d'amour avec electronica musique

How do I feel for thee? Like Something 4 Porno! You smell of great disease 'cause we're young fell in from the stars. There's not much I know about you. But the answer is in clear view. It's amazing what you'll find face to face. I'm a hustler baby. Love is all you need to know and all you need to know is love is all you need to know. Last night I had a dream about you. In this dream I'm dancing right beside you. The kind of feeling I waited so long. We were dancing all night long. The way you move is a mystery. Do the D.A.N.C.E. But suddenly I feel the shining sun. Before I knew it this dream was all gone. I believe you could be what I need to believe. 'Cause you're my tenderoni.

Cheesy? Yes. But all of this is a true story.

Note(s): The suggestive and somewhat raunchy provocative messages do not define me. They're more of what I call inside jokes and part of the electro scene.

Lyrics by: Chromeo, Crystal Castles, Daft Punk, Felix Da Housecat, Justice, Simian Mobile Disco

Currently Obsessing

image by [Holga]

Headbands: Taza & The Prince
Guys with square-framed glasses: nerds
Guys wearing: G-Star clothing
Bright lipstick: red
Avant-garde: Un chien andalou + 2001: A Space Odyssey


A Day of Disaster Is Actually Not All That Bad

Today it felt like the world was out to plot against me. It turns out everything will be ok.

..........My day..........

Library: fire alarm goes off. Later I go back in and finish my post-lab.
Chem. building: chem. TA isn't there to help
Later on at the chem. building: there's an evacuation, a gas leak. I blamed it on chemistry. Who else is there to blame? Later I find out, a pipe exploded all thanks to Questar.
Official campus evacuation.
Chem. lab cancelled.
 (You would think this is happy news, except when
 you don't have the time to make it up)
30 min in traffic
Not even concerned about the natural gas leak, but my cancelled chem. lab.
Victories: winning an award & finishing all of my chem. hw

So this is a day of what I call disaster. I found out I can actually make-up my lab. It's never the end of the world. I finished my chem. hw before the due date, which is a huge relief. I went on a little adventure to an art gallery. My music video won an award in a contest! Overall, it's been a beautiful day despite the winter weather in spring. 


Limelight on Robert Pattinson

He might be a druggie, a little anti-social and undecisive about his future and career. Besides all that, how hot is this?! Plus, he looks sexy in Ray-Bans. I would love to be his friend. I'm obsessed with this GQ cover.
Read the interview at GQ

I'd Rather Be in Japan

Harajuku Fashion

Takeshita Street in Harajuku
You won't find this flair for funky fashion anywhere else in the world but in Japan.

These Japanese fashionistas know how to dress up and love to be seen.

Splash of colors for Spring

Rocker chicks with shocking hair and neon tights

A doll with her pink bunny

Sometimes I wish I were a Japanese school girl, too.
A rather attractive guy on his phone.

{All Photos by Lauren Sum}

These Shirts Are For Lovers

I would wear all of them, especially the Office ones. 
Shirts are available at Snorg Tees


Oh, Happy Mail!

This just came in the mail from Texas. I can't get enough of cards and real mail.
I love my friends. Life would not be the same without them.

Boire (to drink)

The most addicting drinks on earth!
1. Orangina 2. Sonic Drinks (Strawberry Limeade + Blackberry Sprite) 3. Sakura Mist 4. Milk Bubble Tea 5. Apfelschorle 6. Cherry Coke 7. Frescolita
Slurpee (all flavors) 9. Virgin Piña Colada 10. Ramune


Holiday from Föhr

My dear lovely friend in Germany sent me this postcard from a small island near Germany. I love writing and getting postcards in the mail. Now I can't help but think I want to be there right now. The lush green island, the windmills, beaches and archaeological findings-dolmens. I read that vikings once inhabited Föhr. I also learned that Föhr derives from feer which means green and today the name derives from the German word fahren which means to travel. I'll be sure to make Föhr on my list of near future destinations.


a word to Newton


Homework leads to all kinds of procrastination. My chemistry homework has lead me to blog about how homework and work never stop. Good thing Spring Break is around the corner!

From physics we learn W=fd or work equals force times distance.

However, one of Newton's flaws is stating that work is much more than this. Work is....

"more than ever
hour after hour
work is never over" (Daft Punk)

Work is never fun but in the end "it makes us stronger" (Daft Punk) and someday it will all pay off.

And this is my inspiration for continuing work, which is what I should probably get back to.


Reasons to Love John Green

1. Writes the best young adult fiction: Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, Paper Towns
2. Started Brotherhood 2.0, informing and entertaining youtube channel
3. Nerdtastic! Started Nerd Fighters
4. Down to earth guy. He has personally responded to my questions through e-mail and an interview on a blog.
5. Inspiring role model
6. Beautiful writer
7. Non-stop humor and laugh your pants off.
8. A mind full of creative ideas for everything
9. Gives good advice
10. Teaches lessons through his advice. For example: the greatest lesson I've learned from John Green, stop Margo-izing and stop imagining people as more than people. You will hurt yourself more.
11. Emphasizes and spreads intellectual knowledge.
12. Knows countless random facts and explains news like we are all six year olds.
13. Made of Awesome
14. Encourages youthful teens to read!
15. Explains the importance of understanding concepts in literature.
16. Reassures everyone that we can all become great people.
17. Amazing collection on his bookshelf.
18. Talented in so many ways.
19. Says about 1,000,000,000 words in just a few seconds.
20. PWNs famous people like Oprah on youtube!

Oh John Green, you are love by many nerd fighters like me.


Classic Oldies

Ever since I watched The Graduate last week, I am fully obsessed with Simon and Garfunkel and an absolute favourite, "Mrs. Robinson." After hearing "Mrs. Robinson" as a child, I'm still shocked. Now I know who Mrs. Robinson is! And that somehow makes me laugh every time I think of Mrs. Robinson. 
My dad always listens to the oldies station. Growing up I thought it was such crap music. During the 90's when 'N Sync, Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears were pop icons, heart throbs and scandalous childhood heroes, they were my life. I thought I was the coolest kid listening to the best music of all time. Britney Spears is still a pop icon in 2009 known with her hit single, "Womanizer" and "Circus." 
Well little did I know until now that all their music is now forgotten today. An old 90's pop song will occasionally play on some radio station, bringing back the nostalgic days of being a 90's kid. 
The oldies are classics not to be missed out on. I still love pop music, but discovering music from the past gives a sense of what music really once was, the music that lasted throughout the decades to our present day. Without knowing music from the past, one can never know where contemporary artists derive their ideas from.