Reasons to Love John Green

1. Writes the best young adult fiction: Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, Paper Towns
2. Started Brotherhood 2.0, informing and entertaining youtube channel
3. Nerdtastic! Started Nerd Fighters
4. Down to earth guy. He has personally responded to my questions through e-mail and an interview on a blog.
5. Inspiring role model
6. Beautiful writer
7. Non-stop humor and laugh your pants off.
8. A mind full of creative ideas for everything
9. Gives good advice
10. Teaches lessons through his advice. For example: the greatest lesson I've learned from John Green, stop Margo-izing and stop imagining people as more than people. You will hurt yourself more.
11. Emphasizes and spreads intellectual knowledge.
12. Knows countless random facts and explains news like we are all six year olds.
13. Made of Awesome
14. Encourages youthful teens to read!
15. Explains the importance of understanding concepts in literature.
16. Reassures everyone that we can all become great people.
17. Amazing collection on his bookshelf.
18. Talented in so many ways.
19. Says about 1,000,000,000 words in just a few seconds.
20. PWNs famous people like Oprah on youtube!

Oh John Green, you are love by many nerd fighters like me.

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E. said...

How have I never read anything by him?! Fail. I will try to fix that in the near future.