a word to Newton


Homework leads to all kinds of procrastination. My chemistry homework has lead me to blog about how homework and work never stop. Good thing Spring Break is around the corner!

From physics we learn W=fd or work equals force times distance.

However, one of Newton's flaws is stating that work is much more than this. Work is....

"more than ever
hour after hour
work is never over" (Daft Punk)

Work is never fun but in the end "it makes us stronger" (Daft Punk) and someday it will all pay off.

And this is my inspiration for continuing work, which is what I should probably get back to.


olivia said...

I am all too familiar with the world of procrastination, and not enough about chemistry and physics! blah. I still cannot believe you are in college. wow. we need to talk about it soon! :)

E. said...

Well, how about that---procrastination is my good friend, too! In fact, I am right now reading blogs instead of finishing a paper due in . . . nine minutes. Bleh.