Holiday from Föhr

My dear lovely friend in Germany sent me this postcard from a small island near Germany. I love writing and getting postcards in the mail. Now I can't help but think I want to be there right now. The lush green island, the windmills, beaches and archaeological findings-dolmens. I read that vikings once inhabited Föhr. I also learned that Föhr derives from feer which means green and today the name derives from the German word fahren which means to travel. I'll be sure to make Föhr on my list of near future destinations.


Rich said...

This is cheesy I know, but it looks like heaven on earth.

Sum said...

Haha no it's not cheesy at all! It's so true.

E. said...

Oh, that looks so perfect right about now---definitely better than studying for my midterms . . . Ach du lieber.