art friday

Phillips Gallery | top floor

Usually, I see art in other cities. But this time, I went to see art in my city.


this weekend...


I took a real break from doing anything related to school. Hooray!

I read The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt (recommended by E). I absolutely loved this book and thought the story encompasses who I am and who I want to be. So much to love. And by the end, I couldn't help but think Griffin House's, 'I Remember (It's Happening Again)' is the soundtrack to this book.

I went to the new shiny Apple store and I'll admit that somewhere, I saw hope in becoming a computer scientist.

I drove home listening to Bon Iver, Bon Iver in all glory while the mountains glowed as the sun was going down.

I read letters from Chardo and Corie, which made me really happy!

And...I was brave enough to share this little mini recording.

After the Storm (Mumford & Sons Piano Cover) by Lauren Sum


learning to love and be creative again

This weekend has been a million self-discoveries. After being productively creative (creating a game + editing film), being with people who know me best and a new friend, I feel like my true artistic self again. I have never felt so honest with myself. I am happy to say I am who I am. I want to spend a lifetime of creating, for the love of creating all things anew. Really. And this line from 'Learning to Love Again' and 'Brackett, W9' echoes all that pours out from my soul.


i wish everyday could be like this...

Hanauma Bay: there's actually parking the one time we don't have our snorkel gear.

Last weekend seemed beyond surreal and dreamlike, globetrotting a day in Japan and a day in Hawaii.

(p.s. I am finally done catching up on the blog in a matter of hours. Yay!)

Japan: Miho Museum {August 2011}

During my first semester in college, I took an intro to architecture class. We spent a day watching a film about I.M. Pei, his work on the Miho Museum and the bell tower at Misono (seen from the Miho Museum). The film made a lasting impression on me and I knew that I had to see the Miho Museum in all grandeur. The lighting, symmetrical geometry and the location was simply inspiring and a living rendition of the lost horizon.

Hawaii {August 2011}

North Shore: Laniakea Beach 
We love being with the turtles and swimming with them. One of the turtles swam behind me and breathed above the waters!
as a true Mat Kearney fan, I listened to his new album, Young Love on the day of release
Ko'Olina: the prettiest sunsets.
Ko'Olina: I want to live here.
I want to go sailing one day. This is the same place where I saw Pirates' Black Pearl.

Hawaii is truly paradise and home to me. I can never get enough of being a beach bum, exploring new beaches and the aloha spirit.

Melbourne, Australia {June 2011}

 Great Ocean Road: where I fell in love with lamingtons and The Twelve Apostles.
I want to live here.
Fitzroy Gardens: Cooks' Cottage. One of the grandest brick puzzle pieces.
Queen Victoria Market: a lively culture I will never forget.
I thought these bikes were really cool!
Federation Square
walking to the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)
NGV: where I began to understand and learn from fashionistas.
The Forum: my favourite venue, ever. Where I saw Joshua Radin!
Melbourne Museum: where I studied artists' portfolios and the concept of real design.
 Rose Street Art Market: I wanted to take everything home with me. Thanks Jess at Truth.Be.Told for telling me about this place and being my guide to all things Australia!

Not pictured and noteworthy: Costco and Phillip Island's penguins!

Melbourne, I love you. Every year when I go to Australia, I fall even further in love with the Down Under. Someday, I want to move to this truly magical place.

en route {May 2011}

Detroit waves


I almost forgot that a little over a week ago, I was in the Detroit airport and I took this picture of the retro red ExpressTram. That is, until I checked my phone and looked through the photos I recently took. Detroit definitely wins for being one of the prettiest airports. And what a week it's been. So much has happened that being in Detroit sounds like decades ago.

A week later, I stepped off the plane and attended a wedding in San Francisco. The reception was exhausting, but cute. I met relatives and took a picture inside The Rincon Center with a mesmerizing falling water and interior design.
I have lots to tell. But more on the stories later when I'm actually awake. I don't really quite know what I'm typing at this hour. 

(I found this in my draft box {5.15.11}, so naturally I had to post this, too.)

Xi'an, China {May 2011}

(Starting from this post is my attempt to slowly catch up on my blog.)
Back in May, I went on my third humanitarian trip to China. Coming back home, I feel truly blessed. I learned a lot about life from these precious babies. Pictured above is Molly, Tyler and Coco.
I miss them like crazy. I think about them all the time and keep them in my heart and prayers.



I started sketching this water fountain and fell in love with the lighting on these windows.