en route {May 2011}

Detroit waves


I almost forgot that a little over a week ago, I was in the Detroit airport and I took this picture of the retro red ExpressTram. That is, until I checked my phone and looked through the photos I recently took. Detroit definitely wins for being one of the prettiest airports. And what a week it's been. So much has happened that being in Detroit sounds like decades ago.

A week later, I stepped off the plane and attended a wedding in San Francisco. The reception was exhausting, but cute. I met relatives and took a picture inside The Rincon Center with a mesmerizing falling water and interior design.
I have lots to tell. But more on the stories later when I'm actually awake. I don't really quite know what I'm typing at this hour. 

(I found this in my draft box {5.15.11}, so naturally I had to post this, too.)

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