this week...

This week, I started school again and came down to a few truths.

I never thought I would say this, but I am so grateful for my science background. Honestly, I thought I could run away from science, especially biology. Turns out science is here to stay. My film class seems to make more sense because I know something about what makes up an atom, energy and the electromagnetic spectrum. If I never had so much science, I probably wouldn't understand a word of pancakes in my computer science class. Everything comes around in a full circle. Even though I am striving to be an artist, I always want to keep the scientist alive in my soul. Whether it's later going back to being a biologist or continuing the path of being a computer scientist, I wish to think like a scientist. This is the real me.

I haven't met so many new people this semester since my first semester two years ago. I've really liked meeting new people and being with familiar, lovely friends again. While I've experienced heartbreak, I truly believe that in the heart of every person, there are good intentions and everyone is love.

And all I have left to say is...this is where I want to be.


summer at red butte and more

Mona, my lovely friend took these pictures for my birthday. I absolutely love these photos and love this dear friend of mine.

p.s. I have a lot to update from these last few months, which I will slowly but surely do.

new blog (finally!!!)



After many hours of playing around with HTML and CSS, this is what I end up with. Some days I wish I were a web designer.