l'art de vie

I made this pillow a while ago, when I took French and sewing classes on Wednesdays. I'll admit those days were the longest, but oh how I miss them.


laughing just because...

Every time I am in the math lab, I am serious and out of my mind with frustration. But then Cameron makes me laugh with all his jokes and makes my day. Seems like I've been seeing more Backcountry stickers lately. For years in the East parking lot, I thought the logo was a scary ski mask. Then, I found out not too long ago that it's actually a ram/sheep. I see a whole different picture. Isn't it odd how two strangers can suddenly find a connection? Sometimes I surprise myself with how legit I can write. And then I think how grateful, yet hilarious some of my daytime gigs are. The days may be long, but one thing's for sure, life is grand.


here i go again: take two

Last year, I declared a biology major. But after a few epiphanies I've had, I think I'm going into
computer science: entertainment arts & engineering.
I hope this is the one!
p.s. Some days like today, I feel like I should be an English and graphic design major as well. I think I'll be a Renaissance woman.


in love with


i think it's time for sleep

...and on a short note, update or whatever you may call it...
Air New Zealand's briefings make me cry from laughing too hard. Absolutely love their sense of humor and creativity. I've learned that polka is from the Czech Republic and Afrikaans is a Dutch based language. I like learning and having a global perspective about the world I love. The other night, I had a late night poetry fest. More like a songwriter's call, soul searching for lyrics. Nevertheless, still fun. I've also been humming melodies for potential future songs and today, I found myself humming to made up lyrics over Charlie's cup of tea. I even wrote a video game script starring Charlie as the hero. What can I say? He's adorable in ways that make me want to write (even though he's more about numbers). Somedays like today, the universe seems self-assembled and somehow all the pieces fit together. Upon realizing this, I am more fully convinced that real people and real love exist.