this weekend...


I took a real break from doing anything related to school. Hooray!

I read The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt (recommended by E). I absolutely loved this book and thought the story encompasses who I am and who I want to be. So much to love. And by the end, I couldn't help but think Griffin House's, 'I Remember (It's Happening Again)' is the soundtrack to this book.

I went to the new shiny Apple store and I'll admit that somewhere, I saw hope in becoming a computer scientist.

I drove home listening to Bon Iver, Bon Iver in all glory while the mountains glowed as the sun was going down.

I read letters from Chardo and Corie, which made me really happy!

And...I was brave enough to share this little mini recording.

After the Storm (Mumford & Sons Piano Cover) by Lauren Sum

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Anonymous said...

aren't breaks the best? Lauren! please share MORE recordings - it was beautiful! it would be even more beautiful if you sang too :)