learning to love and be creative again

This weekend has been a million self-discoveries. After being productively creative (creating a game + editing film), being with people who know me best and a new friend, I feel like my true artistic self again. I have never felt so honest with myself. I am happy to say I am who I am. I want to spend a lifetime of creating, for the love of creating all things anew. Really. And this line from 'Learning to Love Again' and 'Brackett, W9' echoes all that pours out from my soul.


selja sini said...

Feels great, i always love those moments when you rediscover yourself and are surrounded by people who appreciate that and support it. Welcome back Lauren! ps. You create games? wow

A. said...

Love this. It's so honest. I love moments like this - where you are your truly yourself, and nothing can change it. <3