A Day of Disaster Is Actually Not All That Bad

Today it felt like the world was out to plot against me. It turns out everything will be ok.

..........My day..........

Library: fire alarm goes off. Later I go back in and finish my post-lab.
Chem. building: chem. TA isn't there to help
Later on at the chem. building: there's an evacuation, a gas leak. I blamed it on chemistry. Who else is there to blame? Later I find out, a pipe exploded all thanks to Questar.
Official campus evacuation.
Chem. lab cancelled.
 (You would think this is happy news, except when
 you don't have the time to make it up)
30 min in traffic
Not even concerned about the natural gas leak, but my cancelled chem. lab.
Victories: winning an award & finishing all of my chem. hw

So this is a day of what I call disaster. I found out I can actually make-up my lab. It's never the end of the world. I finished my chem. hw before the due date, which is a huge relief. I went on a little adventure to an art gallery. My music video won an award in a contest! Overall, it's been a beautiful day despite the winter weather in spring. 


haglundblog said...
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Rich said...

Sorry about that last comment, I thought I was logged in. I was stuck in traffic too for about 45 minutes getting to work because of the leak.

Julia.K. said...

Haha, sounds like an eventful day! I spent an hour to go to my printmaking class, only to be sent home because my teacher fucked up on the printing for that day! haha. I did make my pinhole camera. It's pretty easy actually. The only annoying thing is you can only take one picture before having to go back to the dark room!

Julia.K. said...

Excuse my foul language, please.