Minutes to Midnight: London is Calling

Well right now, it's almost 12:00 am or 00:00.
It all depends on where you live or your own preference of formatting time.
Time is ticking away. In seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years...
Somehow I saw a vision of time through this window last summer.
It was raining outside and I was in a cafe, just outside of the London Eye.
I saw Dali and the Big Ben together.
Looking back, time stood still, at least for a second when I captured this moment on film. I still remember standing there seeing London. 
I'm inspired by places and moments in time travel.
Today I received an e-mail notifying my photo is featured on 
Delta's Sky Magazine's website for April 2009.
To my great surprise, I do have an artistic talent.
Now when I look at this photo, I miss last summer.
I am nostalgic for those days that seemed absolutely perfect.
And right now, I really wish I could jet set and get away on a plane.
I hope I do win this photo contest.
Submit your photo, too!


Rich said...

How did Sky magazine find this photo? It is really good! I hope that you win

Sum said...

I submitted my photo into their contest. haha thanks! :)

olivia said...

25,000 free miles?! awesome! good luck.

Sarah said...

woot lauren! that photo is crazy, when i first saw it i was all no way she took a photo that good! OMG 25,000 miles... that would be AMAZING! whoa, uber jealous right now. I wish i had pictures to enter. ok, so i am so inept at this stupid blog-thing. so i am answering your questions on yours! classes i signed up for: Connections, Biology (thats the lab), Natural Resources & Society, Intro to Wildland resources, Intro to Folklore, and English. haha can you tell what i am majoring in? thats just a rough class outline tho. I will go over it again in June when i go up to USU, i might drop something and add this awesome self-defense class SWEET! ya i am so ready to be out of high school, i decided to not take the AP English test, woot i am happy. ok, rambling much? good luck! i really hope you win this contest! If your photo is on the site that is lookin good :P

Sarah said...

haha, i just need to comment more - you should put up more of your photos!