I liked [...]

Albums Played
1. Kaleidoscope Heart -Sara Bareilles
2. As I Call You Down -Fistful of Mercy
3. Tron: Legacy -Daft Punk
4. Flags -Brooke Fraser
5. Flight of the Crow -Passenger

Movies Watched
1. Toy Story 3 -Disney/Pixar
2. Tron: Legacy -Disney
3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 -Warner Brothers
4. Inception -Warner Brothers
5. Alice in Wonderland -Disney

Inspiring People
1. Emma Watson -actress/model/Brown collegiate
2. Mark Zuckerberg -founder/visionary architect/engineer of facebook
3. JK Rowling -writer/HP/lovely lady
4. Shaun White -pro athlete/Olympian/conquerer of all heights
5. Jason Mraz -musician/fellow blogger/revolutionist

Places Visited
1. Australia: Gold Coast, Brisbane, Cairns, Sydney (Summer 2010)
2. United States: summer home in Hawaii (Summer 2010)
3. Japan: Nagoya, Kyoto (Winter 2010)
4. United Arab of Emirates: Dubai (Fall 2010)
5. United States: road trip to Bridgeport (Fall 2010)

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Hermione said...

Love it, lists are a must at the end of years. Cool with the traveling bit!