j'aime le printemps

Oui! Love is in the air...I love spring and how spring gives you a happy feeling inside. While my photo really has nothing to do with spring, I heart this invitation I received from my friend in Germany. I wish I could understand what it says.

Today I couldn't stop laughing. I had giggle attacks and laughed at everything, even if something was really not funny at all. My day consisted of talking with friends who I dearly love and make me feel better. I love my friends.

Touring President's Circle was quite an adventure. I spotted one attractive guy and felt like spending the rest of the day, boy scouting.

Boy scouting: (vb) in search of a perfect boy/guy/man. Not dressing like a Boy Scout. (haha I just had to make that one clear).

With a curious question about American Apparel's thermochromatic tees, I decided to learn about the chemistry behind these tees. I was blown away by how thermochromatic works. Literally, this shocked me more than learning about the ions in us, which is why electrocution happens. While in the process of finding this information, I came across these chemistry tees which also made me laugh.

I realize that I'm probably the biggest nerd!

+More about what I love about spring!

Favourite trees: cherry blossoms
Colour to wear: daiquiri
Flowers blooming, comfortable weather, grass and school coming to an end! I love it all.


olivia said...

haha I love your laugh attacks :)

E. said...

Um, after a full semester of German 101, I'm still wondering what that invite says.