Foreign Novelties

{Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore}
I was in the library cafe and wanted some tea. There were boxes of Tazo Tea with a sign above that read "Honey Upon Request." For some reason I thought they had honey tea. When I asked the cashier, she looked confused. There's nothing weird about honey tea. She showed me a bottle of honey. Apparently it was just honey without the tea. The sign was above the tea and I misinterpreted the sign. Obviously, they don't have honey tea in Utah, especially not in the library cafe. I was a little disappointed and settled for green tea. When I was in Narita, Japan I found Yuzu Mitsu, honey mixed with citron, one of my favourite drinks. Shockingly I've realized I'm not in Japan anymore, the place I discovered and fell in love with honey tea.

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