The Real Edward Cullen is Actually Johnny Durham

So let me tell you about this boy who makes me weak in the knees. 
I found JohnnyDurham19 on YouTube a few years ago.
I fell in love with him ever since. I've never met him. 
But he's absolutely adorable...
He's incredibly talented, a video editor and produces his own show, has a good sense of humor (I always laugh during his shows), a T-shirt graphic designer, a Nerd Fighter (DFTBA!), wears clothing I find attractive on guys, gorgeous, beautiful and lovely in every way.
Love his British accent!
The other day I wrote him an e-mail and he responded immediately the next day. He probably receives many e-mails a day and he wrote back to me! The boy I thought I actually liked doesn't even write back...
I love you Johnny Durham!
What's there not to love about him?
If I ever find that someone, I hope he's a lot like Johnny Durham in many ways.  


Anonymous said...

OY! he is CUTE!!!! He would def be a better Edward then Robert Pattinson, gag me. So what did your message to him say and what did he say back? You should watch Community Channel, its this hilarious australian girl. check it out!

Sum said...

I would say yes in marrying him any day! haha Well what I e-mailed him is my secret...but he said he was flattered! haha Sorry but that's all I can really say. I will go and check out this Aussi girl! :)