The Little Things In Life I Enjoy...

image courtesy of jewelflyt
1. List making
2. the scent of manly men
3. Sleep
4. The sound of rain under an umbrella
5. School coming to an end
6. Notebooks
7. Rainy weather
8. Flowers blooming
9. Unique, neat and artistic handwriting
10. The hope that tomorrow brings.
11. College
12. Clean bed sheets and the scent of laundry detergent.
13. Listening to the Beatles.
14. Spring
15. Trees and flowers (especially cherry blossoms and tulips)
16. Updating my iPod
17. The weekends
18. Ruffles on clothing, especially on dresses
19. Receiving mail
21. Not having school
22. When people write to me
23. Daydreaming
24. Finishing a paper
25. Thick and or/colourful paper
26. Reading a good book
27. Walking down memory lane (moments of nostalgia)
28. Mrs. Robinson 
29. Discussing architecture and looking through architecture books with Z. 
30. Dance parties in the car with the volume up and blasting the bass 

(...to be continued...)

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