something (missing) in the water

I really should sleep. But I just found out, after being out of the country and coming home that Brooke Fraser will not be performing her show tonight. My heart weeps. I've already told this to Brooke. My Music Tuesday of going to guitar lessons to teaching music lessons and seeing Brooke Fraser with the Cary Brothers is only a dream now. Maybe one day I'll finally see her live. Either way, I still heart this kiwi who keeps inspiring me.


selja sini said...

what!? thats ridiculous! did she cancel it? man....thats seriously upsetting. Lauren- let's just catch her on tour next time she's performing in england, ireland or scotland or something ;)

olivia said...

I am heart broken for you! I was just talking to my sis about it on skype. So Sad. I guess this means we will just have to go to NZ... right?