white rabbits on the run

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"For all your broken hearted lovers lost
Go find another one
'Cause you know time will break and you'll be late
White rabbits on the run

And all you'll hear is the music
And beauty stands before you
And love comes back around again
It's a carousel, my friend

It's never too late to change the pace
When days creep up on you
But the goodness is something you don't have to chase
'Cause it's following you

I thought I heard your voice in the thunder
It's the owl casting spells that we're under"
-Vanessa Carlton
I've blogged about this song here as well. Obviously, I can't get enough, especially after listening to this song many times. I'm obsessed. And maybe because this song tells a story of my life. Of how I have liked a certain someone too much and had my own heart broken. While I wonder where love is and whether love is all lost, my soul says I've found a different kind of love. And this love is a whole lot of loving in dreamlike music.

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