on the road (like jack kerouac)

{The view from my window in the studio.}
I just wrote a song from my soul, one of my best songs yet involving fingerstyle guitar, open tuning and stomping. The untitled work in-the-making still needs lyrics, reverb, chorus and other effects. In all, I lurve this feeling of creating and this one small step towards an album.
Song influenced by: Led Zeppelin, John Butler, Elliott Smith, oldies and classic rock.


selja sini said...

you have your own studio? wow. i can't wait to hear it :)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Wow very cool!

Hermione said...

That's one beautiful view. And something to be grateful for! You should post your music here! x

jessie said...

Oh thats amazing! So great to be inspired and having an amazing time. Can't wait til I have time to hand out in my drawing studio and get inspired too.

oh and thank you for your birthday wishes, it was an amazing day.

Miss Kiki Lovelace said...

first of all, thats a LOVELY photo Sum! goooooorgeous view!! secondly, well done on your song writing. i think the hard part is the arrangement.... keeep it up loves... :)