the creative act is a process. not a moment.


{art portfolio from fall semester 2011}

I've learned that sometimes, being brave means being yourself, loving art and loving the art you make.
I'm also learning that my favourite kind of medium is film, after music, then web design, illustration, the art of books, doodling, dance and the list goes on. I am always drawn toward design and light. I am most creative when I'm not consciously thinking of what-if mistakes. It's when I just do. And now, I am realizing that this is what I want to do. Maybe it's what I was meant to do. Do do do do do. But it's now that I see. I like to write. I like music a lot. I like my ideas that turn into things. And now, I really need to go follow all that my heart speaks, take the roads less taken and believe that dreams mean something.

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A. said...

Thanks for this post. Sometimes I need reminding that dreams really do mean something.