a colour theory

images via Random Got Beautiful

I heart colours and spring certainly makes me feel this way.
Mustard pea coats. Orange brick houses. Red orange grapefruits. Turquoise cardigans. Yellow lemons. Red doors. Fruit roll up blue ocean. Faded blue jeans. Painted tangerine orange walls. Cherry blossom pink. Red lipstick. Soft lavender. Lime green kiwi. Red balloons. Pink chalk. Golden daffodils. Fire engine red. Royal blue. Emerald sparkles. Wild orange mums. Bubble gum pink.

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jessie@truthbetold said...

spring is my favourite season because of all the vibrant colours. i'm pretty excited that i get to have two springs this year thanks to my little trip to the USA in a few days. yay!

oh and by the way you are plenty artsy :)