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images taken in London (July 2009)
For these next few days, I will try to keep telling myself jiayou. One explanation: finals. Four of them, too. On a happier note, I've started to think of happy things amidst study overload. Now the countdown to seven days starts. I am bursting with excitement. Because in exactly one week, I will be getting my invisalign off. Plus, I'm heading to Shanghai for the World Expo. Hurray! And now I've decided to write a wanderlist (similar to Sending Postcards)/wanderlust for all the things I will do one day and...after finals.
1. Compete in a snowboarding competition and/or learn to ride the half pipe.
2. Live in Australia and New Zealand at one point in my life.
3. Live in Hong Kong at one point in my life.
4. Learn to windsurf and start surfing again.
5. Visit Antarctica.
6. Experience an actual safari.
7. See Tibet.
8. Teach English in Asia.
9. Overcome snorkeling fears, explore the Great Barrier Reef.
10. Drive on the right side of the road in a country side.
11. Sing in the London Underground Tube for all the passerby.
12. Attend an art school/program for one summer.
13. Study abroad somewhere.
14. Rock and dance out at Coachella.
15. Brave a rain forest in the southern hemisphere.
16. Attempt long boarding.
17. Star gaze at the Sundance Film Festival.
18. Visit all the must see museums of the world.
19. Ride a horse. (I don't know how I've missed this. I've rode a donkey though)
20. Learn more about Darwin, evolution and go to Galapagos Island.
And more...


notesfromnadir said...

I think you have a great list of ambitions! May you achieve all of them. I think it's great that you've ridden a donkey so that will make riding a horse much easier!

Meanwhile, going to Shanghai is a great start to your adventures! :)

olivia said...

SO many of these are totally on my list of things to accomplish in my life. Especially #2. :)

Good luck with finals and call me soon and we can get lunch!

Diana Mieczan said...

Your list is so great!
I would love to live in Australia...it is such a beautiful country!
Have fun in Shanghai!
Kisses and have a wonderful day!

Diana Mieczan said...

Btw: I am following you now!

Elizabeth said...

At one time I wanted to do your no. 8 too :)

Sarah said...

this is an amazing list! reminds me of 'No Opportunity Wasted' by Phil Keoghan - which is all about overcoming fears and making life lists and completing them. you should read it!