explore your own city

Still Olympic dreaming...
Main St. The place I'd like to hang out.
I already love the posties, but I love this one more.

Street art by mysterious Banksy during the Sundance Film Festival
All too often, I'm a tourist in other cities. I'll know my way around London or Paris and yet, I get lost in the streets of my own hometown. It's funny the way that happens. When I'm with friends, I become a tourist in my own city. I call Z my personal tour guide because he happens to know where everything is and the names of all the nearby places. Today, my family took a little road trip up to Park City or PC (as one of my snowboard idols, Louie Vito says it). The day was perfect and I got lost in new and familiar places. Weird to say the least, I have never visited one of the Olympic sites. I have never ever gone to Main St. either. First time in all nineteen years. How have I missed this place? Park City is a winning town of it's own. I am definitely going to explore all the places where I am now. Here. This summer or maybe even sooner, I am planning more exploring of local things to do. I am going to be more of a tourist in my own city. I am going to love my city even more.


Hope Chella said...

I love Banksy =) xx


Elizabeth said...

Your yellow dress and blue cardi are adorable!