fall is here, back to school...i can tell that we are going to be friends

image via flickr via foreverdigital

Classes: American Government, Biology, Digital Photography, Sociology

So far, fall semester has been less stressful than last spring semester. I have one of the best possible schedules and so I'm not complaining.

I thought I would never be ready for school to start again. The truth is, I am never ready. But I guess I have to be ready again...to learn and gain knowledge. And to be aware of the world in one sense.

Walking through campus everyday is quite a thrilling experience. Just to throw this out there (and this is indeed a true story), I almost got hit square on with a golf cart today. See what I mean? Thrilling. Despite the heat, I enjoy my walks through campus when I'm not running late. I see my friends almost everyday and enjoy the people scenery.

My favourite class is biology and only because I find it fascinating. I'm learning to embrace the confusion of it all. Did you know the Earth is fat? Oh, yes. All my professors are fairly pleasant and I'm not too busy...yet.

Here's to positive enthusiasm for fall semester!

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