Ready for the Weekend!

Available on US iTunes. OUT NOW!

Calvin Harris, the King of Electro who produced I Created Disco has released his sophomore album, Ready for the Weekend. For those who have always been a fan of Calvin Harris, his new album is a raveful and addicting music sensation. Harris takes his electro sounds to another dimension, which he likes to call "stadium dance." Ready for the Weekend is filled with happy dance beats for our favourite days of the week, the weekends. The lyrics are phenomenal, hilarious and witty. Hands up to what I call the best album of 2009.

{I am obsessed with Calvin Harris and his new album. I would marry him in a heartbeat}

Songs to Listen To (a list of my favourites in this order):

I'm Not Alone
Ready for the Weekend
The Rain
Stars Come Out
Yeah Yeah Yeah La La La
Dance Wiv Me (Feat. Calvin Harris & Chrome)-Dizzee Rascal
Worst Day (Feat. Izza Kizza)
You Used to Hold Me
Burns Night

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