Here's to Summer 2009

I haven't blogged in a while, but I suppose it's hard to when you're away from home for so long. So here's a blog to finish off the rest of my adventures and the end of
summer 2009.

In London: England
I went to Calvin Harris' concert at Somerset House. One of the best concerts I've ever been to. The neo-classic building was lit up in red neon lights, lots of elektro/house fans gathered and many cute English indie guys. Calvin Harris is electrifying and amazing! I danced and sang along to the music. I absolutely loved it all. The UK has some of the best music. Their dance/electronica/house music proves it, along with their (HMV) record stores. Other highlights: Abbey Road, going to the British and Barbican Museum and shopping at H&M and Primark.

In Portsmouth: England
My mom and I went to Portsmouth (Charles Dicken's birthplace) for Auntie I's graduation. Yay! We're so proud of her! The graduation was quite an experience itself. The traditions of a graduation in the UK are dissimilar from the US. The chancellor was like the Queen of England. She was lovely and gave an inspiring speech for all the graduates and attendees. I think my mom and I were laughing hilariously after the graduation. I couldn't help but imitate a British accent and say, "chancellor, I now present you with...."

In DΓΌsseldorf: Germany
A reunited party with the M family! We had many laughs, took lots of pictures and had many crazy moments. Basically, what happened in Germany stays in Germany. Some mornings, S and I jogged around and in the forest, such beautiful greenery. The places I went sight seeing were Extersteine and Spparrenburg. Everyone was so nice to me, especially the M family for taking care of me. I stocked up on lots of Haribo and Ritter Sport. The song I listened to non-stop is now the soundtrack to my summer.
"I've gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night" (Black Eyed Peas).

In Amsterdam: Netherlands
Ok, so I've only really seen Amsterdam from a plane. But I was stuck at the Schiphol Airport for about 3 days, trying to go back home. It was an unpleasant ordeal, but I learned how to be a "grown up" and deal with some impossibly mean people at the airport. Another thing I've learned is that Dutch guys seem to like me. Maybe I should move there or to a foreign country.

In Narita: Japan
Less than 24 hours returning home, I hopped on a plane to Japan. I stayed there for only a few days so there wasn't anytime to go to Tokyo. Japanese food is my favourite and they sell the best honey-lemon tea in Narita. We visited a temple at their town, went shopping at Aeon and ate lots. (I'm going back to Japan next week, so more adventures ahead).

In Oahu: Hawaii
Hawaii is my second home in paradise. I love going to the beach and playing in the sun. My friend A recently moved there, so we partied for about two weeks before school started. We had so much fun in North Shore and downtown Honolulu. Some of the highlights were the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC), North Shore, Hanauma Bay, Jack-In-The-Box and Fatty's!

This summer has truly been the best summer, ever. I'm so grateful I was able to visit all these places. The world is truly amazing. I am going to conquer Antarctica next. Or at least one day...

Visited places:

Australia: New Zealand: England: Germany: Netherlands (Amsterdam, sort of): Japan: Hawaii

(Wish I could post more pictures, but there are some 5,000+! Check my flickr site.)

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