A (love) Letter to the World

as inspired by Taza, of course.

Dear Australia & New Zealand,
I miss you terribly. Please come back to me!

p.s. New Zealand...one day you will be my home forever.

Dear Calvin Harris,
You are the highlight of my London trip. I am in love with you, your music and your Scottish accent. Please marry me one day.

Dear Auntie I,
I'm so happy that we came to your graduation in Portsmouth. I've had so much fun hanging out with you and A in London. Congratulations again! You did and we're so proud of you! You are amazing.

Dear London,
I could get lost in your museums all day. I love learning. I want to take Selfridges & Co and Primark home with me!

Dear Underground,
A bit of A/C and upgrading would be nice. A life lesson learned...never stand near the closing doors. I'm now paranoid of them. Although, I really do love the Underground musicians.

Dear J,
Secretly I have loved you and can't wait to see you again. There was a musician last night who reminded me of you. A part of me misses you.

Dear friends back at home,
I miss all of you! I'm glad we can kind of keep in touch via facebook, twitter & e-mail.

Dear scale back at home,
I wish you were lying to me. I hope you're wrong. Although I don't believe this lie myself.

Dear sleep,
Where have you been and how can I find you again? I can't seem to get enough of you. I need you.

Dear world,
I am really loving you so much. I've seen lots and learned much this summer.

Love always,


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naomi megan. said...

oh hooray! so cute!!!