::a list of Happiness

1. Taking holidays & escaping off to far and distant lands
2. Listening to music with the cutest lyrics
3. Words that sound lovely: architecture, Vienna, Berlin, etc.
4. Phone calls and face to face conversations with friends
5. Hugs (one word says it all)
6. Photography and shooting away so carelessly, but full of inspiration
7. Learning something new: life: biology
8. Watching movies on the silver screen (at the theatres)
9. Being a complete nerd
10. Reading books non-stop until the story ends
11. The colours in the sky at sunset
12. Embarrassing things I do &/or say (I laugh after...)
13. Lost in meaningful & contemplating thoughts
14. Writing out lists of things I love, even to-do lists
15. Organizing and cleaning the house (when I have the time)
16. Daydreaming about the one person you really like
17. Skirts, dresses, headbands & tights
18. Visiting museums
19. Telling stories & listening to all kinds of stories from people
20. Those days where you appreciate everything in life
21. The yummy sandwiches I have for lunch (made by my mom)
22. Getting excited for the weekend
23. Fonts & personal handwritings, especially fond of Helvetica
24. Land & cityscapes
25. Sightseeing & discovering new things
26. Understanding difficult concepts that are hard to grasp
27. Everything & anything painted in colours
28. Going to lively parties
29. Nightlife: the lights: clubbing: bars: sipping on mocktails
30. People who make my days better just by laughing with me

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Rich said...

I totally agree with your list...these things really do make me happy!