::thoughts lost in Manhattan, NY

Photo via flickr
Both old and modern buildings reflect my own perspective of the past and future. It's an awe full of wonder how manmade creations allow you to think of and marvel the history of places you see. All of this [physical structures] happens externally, internally affects you, your history and memories. At first, from a passive thought of the influences of architecture, it all sounds simple. When really, and actually, it's complex. I can't even fully describe or comprehend all my feelings when taking in appreciation I have for architecture. Architecture that makes you wonder and go beyond your own understanding. Some things you can't learn from books. Sometimes it's experiencing reality and going to places where you finally understand and learn the answers.

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Rose Red said...

Those buildings are beautiful. Architecture is such a beautiful and complex art. I love how we are able to identify specific points in history by a buildings structure.