A is for Architecture

[ Image] Guggenheim Museum in Bilboa

As of right now, I'm keeping a list of my favourite architects. Architecture fascinates me and always has. I'm gaining more insights as I learn more about this art that shapes us. The buildings I love most are the ones take us to a whole new world, a complete dimension we never knew existed. Architecture has many sounds, temperature, color, light, texture, space and so much more. We live inside and out of these buildings. I just needed someone to point these details out for me. It's frozen music to our ears and a light that shines through me. I keep viewing buildings with a new vision, with eyes that help me see in ways I haven't seen before. Architecture started from the beginning of civilization and continues its rhythms today, it will never stop. It's everything besides just beauty and structure. It gives us reasons to travel the world. In this case, I would rather be in Barcelona right now, revisiting the works of Antoni Gaudi. Architecture writes history and memories for people even though men built these buildings in the first place. There's life in architecture that goes beyond the walls. The inspiration to my aspiration.

Favourite Architects (In No Favorable Order)

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Anonymous said...

yay lauren, i like your blog! Architecture is crazy! have you seen the truly wack stuff in Seattle by the space needle? its pretty intense. My dad is an architect, so im afraid that i have this kinda not enthusiastic attitude about buildings because i am dragged around to see them... but some stuff is amazing! hey, soooo how do you do the little 'blogs i like' bar on the side of your blog? cause i want to add you and other people, but i dont know how!!!! for some reason i am very inept when it comes to this blog site...