wild bunnies + a deer in the headlight

This morning I looked out my window and there was a bunny hopping across the grass. A few years ago, a friend captured a wild bunny in a cardboard box. I thought the beautiful bunny was my new friend to keep. The wind blew the box and the bunny ran away. I remembered feeling slightly sad, but the bunny was meant for the wild anyways. Besides snow, my favourite part about winter is seeing happy bunnies jumping around. 
Tonight I encountered a deer in the headlight moment, literally. This wasn't the first time I almost ran over a deer with my car. Fortunately, I was only driving less than 10 mph when I saw a figure in the darkness ahead of me. At first I thought it could have been a jogger, but as I came closer, I realized it was a deer in my headlights. The deer froze in its tracks, staring at me with its big eyes. I waited until the deer cleared the way and in just a few seconds, it leaped over a fence. It was just as though the deer knew to get out of the way. The deer leaped about four feet off the ground, effortlessly. To my amazement, I took one last look at the deer before driving away. Animals have an incredible sense of instinct and survival. 
For moments like these, I wish I had a camera to take a picture at the right moment, the exact time the deer leaped over the fence. 
Someone else has already spotted and captured this same deer behavior, but as you can see, deers really know how to leap! 

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