And today was a day just like any other.

But I found more to love...
Let's just say I was driving
And listening to music.
Kept falling in love with
Matt Nathanson.
Over and over again...
Boys who play the guitar
Are just simply adorable.
I ordered Pin-Up magazine.
Can't wait to open up
All its architectural wonders.
Even though the store ran out
Of Ritter Sport dark chocolate marzipan,
I bought milk chocolate biscuit.
It is just as good.
I'm addicted to Ritter Sport.
My summer tour starts soon.
Australia, New Zealand, London, Germany
And Hawaii awaits...
Even though I've lived through what
Seems like many moments of boredom,
There is so much excitement.


Rich said...

I also love ritter sport. So does my dog! Once, I left a bar out and she ate it. BAD DOG! Sounds like you have a great summer ahead of you! Have fun! Be sure to take lots of pictures and post them.

Sarah said...

yay! sorry, far too oft i read and dont comment. and i realized that is so rude! i want you to know i am reading and loving and learning!!!! You have crazy travels ahead of you! when do you leave?

Sum said...

I forgive you, Sarah. haha It's ok really. :) I leave on July 5th! I can't wait!

E. said...

Oh. Ritter Sport. Biscuit. Oh. We would reward ourselves with those after big exams while studying in Italy.

Best. Ever.