A Birthday Wish List

Naomi at The Rockstar Diaries created her biiiiiiiirthday wish list . I thought I would do the same since my birthday is in 18 days.

Even though I'm not completely excited to turn nineteen, I've realized that it is after all, my birthday and there is something to be excited about!

Here is my birthday wish list:

Patterns in Design Art and Architecture at B&N.
(I flipped through this book filled with inspirational art and designs. Loved it.)

a travel Moleskine notebook
(although I might never use one of these notebooks while traveling, I still think they are cool)

a decent priced electric guitar with an amp and everything
(after playing my guitar teacher's electric, I want one)
even guitar picks would be nice

That's all I can really think of right now.
Even though cake and ice cream with family and friends are all I really need and want, we can always dream. Who says we always have to live in reality?


Rich said...

I always forget that we are a year apart! Happy Birthday and I hope you get what you want!

Anonymous said...

19?! holy crap!!! k i thought i was old turning 18 just barely. you are waaaay ahead of me!