To All The Things I Love About Today

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I love how this rainy weather isn't going anywhere. My windows are opened and the cool breeze feels wonderful right now. Raindrops splashing on sidewalks and mystical clouds hanging over me. What could possibly be better?!

Let's see, Taylor Swift and Brooke Fraser. I walked through the halls of my high school today and it felt so weird being back there. I felt every bit of Taylor Swift's songs true and with me. Even the rain made me listen to their songs. 
"With you I'd dance, in a storm in my best dress, fearless" (Taylor Swift)
"I'm hanging here just reminiscing about all the things you said to me" (Brooke Fraser).
And these songs describe how the rain made me feel today. 
Plus, I loved guitar lessons today. I played on an electric. Now I want one.

Lots of hugs and knowing who my true friends are. I love them.

Staying inside and watching movies...
Today, I watched Forever Strong
Sean Faris is beautiful. 
Love this movie to death. 
Brought me to tears, almost cried. 
Never thought I would love rugby and the haka so much.
Kia kaha.


Rich said...

I have heard that Forever Strong is AMAZING, but I haven't seen it yet.

Anonymous said...

ah lauren! i love your posts! they make me realize how much i go through my day and do not notice the good things. i have mentioned this before, but shall mention it again, i love your blog so much! you really do have and find the enthusiasm for everything. i LOVE TaySwift and Brooke!!!!! and you ;)