0:18 in Auckland, New Zealand

image via istockphoto

Well hello there! Kia ora! It's actually 0:20 in NZ right now. Way ahead before the other side of the world, back in the US. It's actually 6:17 am back at home. I never quite understand how time works. Especially with all the different time zones. I know it's all simple math, but it's confusing nevertheless. I always get mixed up with time and dates, especially during the summer. I never know what day it is. So far I'm having a lovely time on my trip. All of this has felt unreal. NZ is truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I want to live here one day.

I haven't blogged here in a while and thought I would throw in some random facts along with this blog entry. It's been a long day and it's midnight over here. Uh, yeah I have no idea what I'm thinking except maybe I need some sleep.

.I could live off french fries or chips as they call them here. As long as there's plenty of ketchup. (I've been craving some fries)
.I want to live in New Zealand sometime in the very near future.
.I bite my straws and I can't help it.
.Writing and receiving postcards are one of my favourite things.
.I like to spell words the Queen English's way.
.I like to think I can drive on the wrong, err right side of the road. I'd like to try one day.
.Words like 'Quay' and places in the Down Under have cool names.
.I'm scared of fake Dinosaurs. (The ones you see in museums. I saw a few of them while I was in Australia. They creep me out)
.Drinks taste better with ice. I still don't get why more European countries don't have ice.
.I boycott so many things, passionately. And then sometimes I end up liking the very thing I hate. When I go home, I'll try watching the LOTR again. All because of NZ.
.The world's natural beauty never ceases to amaze me.
.I'm in love with the world.


Jenny Zestful Life said...

I know I love NZ too. Glad you have a chance to be there. Have a great time.

Sarah Shepherd said...

haha so i cant remember my user name and password. thats my problem, all my passwords are saved on my comp back home, so then i forget them. took me awhile to get my facebook password right. ANYWAYS. YAY TRAVELING!!!! wait, i am shocked. you dont like LOTR? you crazy chica!!! it is the best! i cant believe you dont like it and got to go to NZ!!! you are just stabbing LOTR lovers (such as myself) in the heart.

Sum said...

I know how that is. when you have too many accounts, passwords are impossible to remember. haha shame, I know. I was actually forced to watched LOTR in film class. I watched some at a friend's house once. I'm more of a Harry Potter for life fan. I want to see HP soooo bad. I don't think I'll see it when I come back from my trip though.

Sum said...

Oh and I'll try liking LOTR. I'll do my best. I almost went on the tour in NZ.